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    Summertime Health Tips - Beat Summer Bummers

    SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 21, 2011 - Swimmer’s ear. Mosquitoes. Too hot to cook. The dreaded bikini. Get ready to put the fun back in summer and get past common seasonal setbacks with the help of Sutter Health’s team of medical experts.

    Today through July 20, the not-for-profit network is serving up daily summer wellness tips on its Facebook and Twitter accounts to help patients and their families beat the heat, slim down and stay safe in 30 different ways.

    • Body Shots | Rather than putting tequila in that shot glass, think of it as a measuring cup for sunscreen - that's how much your body needs for even coverage - one ounce.
    • Happy Camper | Whether it's band camp or sports camp, preparing your child for sleep-away camp is an important step before they leave home.
    • Can’t Stand the Heat? | Don't touch that stove — turn your side salad into a main dish with an extra source of protein. Try cubes of reduced-fat cheese, tuna packed in water, sliced turkey or chicken, low-fat cottage cheese or kidney beans to add protein to your plate.
    • Get Bikini Ready | It’s never too late in the summer for bikini body tips — how to combat swimsuit season spoilers like saggy skin, ingrown hairs and more.
    • Marco, Polo | Are your children prone to swimmer's ear? Aside from wearing earplugs, after swimming, put two drops of a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and vinegar in each ear. The alcohol breaks the water tension and helps the canal dry; the vinegar is antibacterial and antifungal.
    • The Great Outdoors | Well, except for the bugs. Whether they show up at your picnic uninvited or leave their mark with itchy bites, see how to keep bugs from bugging you.

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