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    Vendor Information and Resources

    Secured Email

    Vendors of Sutter Health can send secured email to Sutter Health employees. You can ask your point of contact at Sutter Health for details on how to sign up for this service.

    New Vendors

    Across our Sutter Health network, patient safety is at the center of everything we do. To help ensure we meet regulatory requirements for the safety of our patients, staff, volunteers and visitors, all vendors must register through our Vendor Credentialing Service (VCS) at

    1. Go to
    2. Go New Vendor Sign up! in the Member Login box.
    3. Enter in your email address
    4. Select either: *Representative or *Company Only
    5. Click Submit
    After registering, you have 30 days to electronically submit your credentialing documents through the same site. If you do not submit the required credentials during this period, you will be denied access to our facilities.
    *Representative means your role requires you to access health care facilities. You need to sign up with Vendor Credentialing Service as a representative.

    *Company Only means your company’s employees do not access health care facilities. You need to sign up your company with Vendor Credentialing Service.

    Existing Vendors

    Already registered with Vendor Credentialing Service?
    Visit and login using your existing USER ID and PASSWORD.

    Questions or concerns may be directed to VCS directly at (800) 792-1959

    We want to ensure that our vendor and supplier relationships remain productive and mutually beneficial – with patient safety as the focal point.

    Thank you for your support and adherence to our vendor program.