Community Benefit Approach

Every three years, Sutter Health partners with other health care providers to carefully collect and analyze information about our communities in Northern California. Using public health data, neighborhood focus groups and other valuable assessment tools, we identify areas of greatest need and develop programs and partnerships that address significant community health needs. We make thoughtful decisions about linking with people and organizations that share our mission of improving health in our communities.

Partnerships tailor care to specific groups

As a health care provider in Northern California, Sutter Health serves some of the most diverse communities in the nation. Because ethnicity, genetics and lifestyle can put some people at greater risk for certain diseases, we continually look for ways to personalize our care to better meet patients’ needs. In 2014, for example, our partnership with the African-American Community Health Advisory Committee resulted in more than 2,500 health screenings for African-Americans and others in the Bay Area. The free screenings included breast and prostate exams, vision and dental checkups, and cholesterol and blood pressure tests. We also provided people of South Asian descent with culturally sensitive medical care, health screening and lifestyle education through our partnership with the South Asian Heart Center in Santa Clara County.

Alliance broadens access to care

With the advent of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, many newly insured Californians sought primary care services for the first time. In anticipation, Sutter Health expanded relationships with community health centers across our network. These neighborhood centers provide primary health care and connection to key social services people might need, such as shelter, food and transportation. Recognizing that the centers share our goal of improving community health, we found new ways to support each other’s efforts. For some centers, we helped fund expansions. For others, we offered discounted pharmacy, laboratory and diagnostic imaging services. In one pioneering model, we paid for health center case managers in two of our hospital emergency departments. This allowed us to help patients without primary care doctors connect to comprehensive services after they left the hospital.

“It’s important to community health centers to have partners like Sutter Health recognize that we can be even stronger when we work together.”

Carmela Castellano-Garcia
CEO, California Primary Care Association