Community Benefit Approach

Sutter Health takes a thoughtful, coordinated approach to how we partner with others to benefit our communities. We carefully collect data to help us pinpoint areas of greatest need and then work closely with people and organizations that share our values so we can have the biggest impact in improving the well-being of others.

Providers partner to assess needs

Every three years, we collaborate with other health care providers on an in-depth health needs assessment to identify health care and other critical needs—such as food, housing and transportation—in our communities. We gather and analyze public health data and obtain information through interviews with public health experts, neighborhood focus groups and telephone surveys. A final report detailing health care priorities and needed services provides the foundation for actions we take to help people in our communities.

Online tool targets common diseases

We use an innovative online tool—an interactive health needs map—to evaluate data gathered from emergency departments and hospitalized patients. The comprehensive information helps us determine chronic diseases common to specific ZIP codes. We use the information to pinpoint how to best use resources to ensure we’re responding to and meeting the evolving health care needs of people in our communities.