Investing in Innovation

Less invasive options make joint surgery easier on patients

Sutter-affiliated California Pacific Medical Center continued its commitment to patient care innovation by providing shorter, less invasive surgical options. In 2012, the hospital launched programs for two-day hip replacement and short-stay knee replacement surgeries.

Digital tools help speed transfer of patient data

Sutter Care at Home, which offers in-home services to patients throughout our network, implemented several technologies to help improve care quality and efficiency. While providing home-care services, nurses and clinicians stayed connected with Android tablets and Internet-based voice, data and messaging communications. These tools enabled them to quickly and securely transmit treatment updates and other critical patient information to site offices.

Program dedicated to helping people age healthfully

Committed to helping older adults lead vibrant, healthful lives, Sutter-affiliated Palo Alto Medical Foundation launched a new program, linkAges, using technology and community partnerships to link people across generations. Built on the idea of an ecosystem, the program encourages families, social services providers, medical teams and others to work together, so all community residents receive the care and support they need as they grow older.

Technology helps shorten radiation regimens

In 2012, two Sutter Health hospitals introduced advanced technologies that can help shorten breast cancer treatments. California Pacific Medical Center expanded its radiation programs to include one-week treatments, using technologies that improve radiation accuracy and speed. Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, began using a technology that delivers precisely targeted radiation after a tumor is removed during a lumpectomy. The method helps prevent cancer from returning and usually eliminates weeks of radiation treatments.

New program provides surgical alternatives

In Sutter Health's Sacramento Sierra Region, surgeons skilled in advanced laparoscopy—a less invasive surgical approach—collaborated in a new program integrating their specialty expertise more broadly into patient care, research and education. The program gives patients across our network access to more affordable, lower-risk alternatives to traditional surgery.

Implant offers groundbreaking alternative to surgery

In April 2012, Sutter Heart & Vascular Institute and Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, began offering a groundbreaking alternative to open-heart surgery—transcatheter aortic valve replacement surgery. The less invasive procedure allows doctors to make a small incision in a patient's groin and implant a valve device that increases blood flow from the heart. The procedure offers a new chance at life for older patients with heart disease whose age makes open-heart surgery too risky.