About Sutter Health


Voice of Chuck Kraus, patient
My name is Chuck and I beat cancer.

Voice of Dylan Wyatt, patient
I had to go to the emergency room and the doctors really helped me.

Voice of Hazel Neibert, patient
From the receptionist to the doctor, people at Sutter Health just took care of me.

Rodney Kamberg, patient
If it weren’t for Sutter, I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you.

Voice of Loren Johnson, M.D., Sutter Davis Hospital
Health care is about people. It’s about people taking care of people.

Carol Loffredi, R.N., California Pacific Medical Center
We’re trying to save lives here or bring lives into the world—we do all of these wonderful things.

Pat Fry, President & CEO of Sutter Health
At Sutter Health, we have thousands of very dedicated and talented individuals. We share best practices throughout our organizations to assure that our patients get the best services possible.

Percy Williams, director of Radiology at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Santa Cruz
Sutter Health is a phenomenal organization. But the staff that we employ is equally phenomenal. They really add to our ability to provide phenomenal patient care. What’s great is that this is the Sutter difference.

Our not-for-profit Sutter Health network comprises many special people. Through our Sutter Medical Network, we have relationships with more than 3,000 physicians who serve more than 100 communities in Northern California. Our family also has two dozen hospitals, as well as multiple research centers, occupational health clinics and long-term care centers. Through our extensive home health and hospice services, we also care for patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Loren Johnson, M.D., Sutter Davis Hospital
It’s a whole community of care. This is not a trade secret. It has to do with building a good staff and ultimately being accountable—not just to the patient, but to one another.

To provide a more seamless and coordinated experience for our patients, our physician organizations and hospitals are organized into five regions. This regional approach allows us to work closely together to further improve health care quality and bring even greater value to our communities. With an eye on the future, Sutter Health also has a strong strategic plan.

Pat Fry, President & CEO of Sutter Health
Part of Sutter Health’s vision is to lead the transformation of health care in California. We’ve created a strategic plan, and it outlines the vision for our organization. We put together a story map for our employees and physicians to give them a visual of where Sutter Health is heading. We’re creating an environment that is extremely responsive to our patients’ needs.

Within our Sutter Health family, employees are the bridge in transforming our organization so patients receive the best care possible. We’re providing care where and when our patients need it. This means we're improving existing facilities and building new patient care centers. But our efforts to best serve our communities go beyond bricks and mortar.

We're a leader in adopting technologies that make our medical foundations and hospitals the best places to give and receive care. We’re providing tools like medication bar coding technology, our eICU and an electronic health record system. We’re also investing hundreds of millions of dollars to improve the lives of those in our communities—and those who can’t afford to pay for health care.

Gordon Hunt, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Sutter Health
We spend a lot of time in Sutter Health looking at what will satisfy patients and what will make employees of Sutter Health good caregivers—whether they’re at the bedside or elsewhere in the organization. We sustain each other.

Percy Williams, director of Radiology at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Santa Cruz
Our patients are our mothers, sisters, brothers. These are the people within our community. There’s nothing more gratifying than knowing that you—as an individual within a department, within an organization, and within a system—have impacted one of many communities. That’s the stuff that makes you sleep well at night. That, to me, ultimately drives why we are all here.