Baseball Field Makeover


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Sutter Health steps up to the plate…investing in our communities.

Wayne Hironaka, Grant Union High School teacher and former baseball coach
To have Sutter Health and the (Sacramento) River Cats come out to do this today and be part of building this program back up and everything…it’s just a great thing for the community. And it’s a great thing for our program here at Grant High School.

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Sutter Health invests $20,000 in the baseball field makeover, encouraging youth and community health.

Danny Chavez, Grant Union High School teacher and varsity baseball coach
For Sutter Health to give us a great donation—to buy us all the stuff we have now—it just means so much to these kids. The infield was all dirt. It was almost like playing on the concrete. People used to dread coming here. They’d get up from sliding and they’d have cuts, and their uniforms were ripped. The school district installed the grass infield here, I think, probably back in the mid-1990s, and we didn’t have an outfield fence. So if you hit a home run, you had to “leg it out.” There was no outfield fence. So as you can see, we’re putting up a windscreen too.

Traci Van, Community Benefit Director, Sutter Health
To have community members come up and want to shake my hand and want to say “thank you” to Sutter Health because we’ve come out here and we’ve made an investment in their communities…and when you see the kids, I mean the ball players out here too. When you can get 300 teenagers up and out here before 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning, you know you’re doing something right.

Danny Chavez
I would just like to thank Sutter Health and the River Cats for picking us for this grant and this field makeover. We hope we can make them proud by having a successful season.

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Two months after the makeover….

Danny Chavez
Now the players have a grass infield that actually looks like a real baseball diamond. With the baseball field makeover we had, we also were able to do some stuff to the sod in the infield—using infield clay mix and stuff like that to help it out. On a personal note, I’m a cancer survivor—and Sutter Health made my recovery possible by giving me the treatments I needed. Who knows…without Sutter Health I may not be here today coaching. I just can’t thank them enough. Twenty years ago, Sutter Health pulled me through cancer—and here we are 20 years later, getting a baseball field makeover through Sutter.

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Sutter Health—transforming fields and lives.