2009 Sutter Health financials


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Sutter Health—Your Partner in Quality, Affordable Health Care

Our Sutter Health network cares for patients and communities across Northern California. Together, we’re transforming the way we deliver our services, so patients receive the highest quality and most efficient and accessible care possible.

Tracey, patient
You gave me back my life. And you gave me back to my family! I no longer feel like I am just surviving every day. I’m living every day, and I couldn’t be happier.

By working together and sharing resources and expertise, we’re reaching new levels of clinical quality; building, replacing and improving care centers; bringing more doctors to Northern California communities, and bringing innovative technologies to the patients we care for. Keeping our communities healthy requires Sutter Health to remain financially healthy. Achieving a certain level of earnings over and above our expenses helps ensure our patients receive the right care at the right time, at the right place.

Pat Fry, President & CEO, Sutter Health
Sutter Health needs to generate between a five and six percent operating margin on an annual basis. That’s what’s required to continue to reinvest in facilities, reinvest in our employees and reinvest in equipment.

To succeed, every organization needs to have something left over after paying its bills. The difference between a for-profit company and a not-for-profit organization like Sutter Health is where that money goes. In a for-profit company, earnings are paid to stockholders. At Sutter Health, our earnings—no matter how big or small—are reinvested back into the communities we serve and programs we support…like The Effort in Sacramento.

Bob Caulk, CEO, The Effort
The Sutter Health partnership with The Effort has been a very successful base for creating the delivery system that we see today. This included small grants for work with homeless shelters. It also included larger grants for building the facilities we needed and developing and sustaining a system of care to meet the community demand for service.

Pat Fry
Our stewardship in terms of community benefit will hit an all-time high. Our charity care will also be at an all-time high. And what was really rewarding from last year was that our CEOs did an outstanding job of managing their expenses.

For the past several years, Sutter Health has stepped up to do our part in making quality health care more affordable. We’ve made significant progress in delivering our services more efficiently, reducing costs and slowing the rate of cost increases. And we did this while continuing to raise the bar on clinical quality throughout our system--and investing billions of dollars to build and replace care centers and hospitals.

Pat Fry
Sutter Health’s vision is to transform health care. Our primary responsibility is to ensure that all members of our communities receive the highest quality care possible.

Our network’s doctors, hospitals and other caregivers are working together to care for patients. This coordinated approach helps ensure seamless access and treatment while reducing costs and improving quality.

Kathleen, patient
The first time I rode my motorcycle following my chemotherapy treatment and my mastectomy was the first time I felt like me again. I got on my bike and I rode it out in the country and…[deep breath] I knew everything was going to be okay.