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Tiffany, daughter Emma had heart surgery
They gave her every option she could possibly have for the surgery. They let her choose which scent of anesthesia gas she’d like. And they let her pick a song to sing before she went to sleep for the surgery. That really put the power back in Emma’s hands, so she was in control of what was going to happen to her. And when you’re five years old, that makes all the difference.

Justin, shoulder surgery
My recovery is going really well. There are a lot of things I never thought I’d be able to do, but I can still play catch with my kids and play with them in the pool. And even though I promised to never play rugby again, I still go out there and coach.

Veronique, husband Charles receives home health care
We go to the hospital only when we really have to now. It makes a huge difference to be able to live a normal life and be home with our friends and our family.

Jamie, hip replacement
The pain that I was feeling 24 hours a day was completely gone—from the minute I woke up from the surgery. That was a really fantastic feeling.

Sydney, kidney cancer
If I could say anything to the nurses and the doctors who helped me, I would say, “Thank you” and “Thanks for being there when I needed you.”

Nick, heart transplant
I told the people when I went through my evaluation, that if I could get five more days with my family—my wife and my kids, my relatives—then it was worth doing the transplant.

Tracey, brain tumor
You gave me back my life. And you gave me back to my family! I no longer feel like I am just surviving every day. I’m living every day, and I couldn’t be happier.

Deryl, breast cancer
Leaving this world was not an option for me. I was going to live for my girls, for dancing, for volunteer work, for my family—for everything that I hold dear. I was going to fight for that. And I did!

Kathleen, breast cancer
The first time I rode my motorcycle following my chemotherapy treatment and my mastectomy was the first time I felt like me again. I got on my bike and I rode it out in the country and…[deep breath] I knew everything was going to be okay.