MySutterOnline | Kristin Alstad


I’m Kristin Alstad. I’m 28 years old, and this is my story.

I’m a married mother of twin 6-year-old girls. My husband and I both work. We’re extremely busy, but just enjoy living life. We really just love jumping in the Jeep and going off-roading—whether it’s in the snow, the rain or any weather. We like to take our Jeep out.

Overall, my family is generally pretty healthy. In the past, as a child, I struggled with allergies. And in recent years, in getting older, I’ve had quite a few sinus infections. Fortunately, I am able to reach my doctor through MySutterOnline.

I use this website mostly for e-mailing my doctor, setting appointments and requesting renewals on prescriptions. I love being able to view my test results the minute they’re in—not having to wait for a letter in the mail—and being able to actually look at the specifics of my lab results and not just know that they were in “normal range.” I'm also able to compare results from tests from previous years. When I send a message to my doctor from MySutterOnline, I usually have a response in a few hours. Never do I wait more than 24 hours to hear back from them. And any time my doctor sends me a message, I’ll get an e-mail at home that notifies me, ‘You have a message from MySutterOnline…go check it out.’ I feel like I have a direct connection with my doctor. I think it’s made our relationship great. We’re so busy and we’re in a society where everybody wants results now. I’m one of those people that want to have access or be able to reach somebody…and I don’t want to wait for it, especially if it comes to my health. Just having the peace of mind knowing that my doctor is available and I can access her from anywhere that I have Internet access makes it that much easier for us just to go out and have fun. We don’t have to stress about our health care or how we are going to get in contact with our physician if something happens or if we need something. I couldn’t imagine not having MySutterOnline.

I’m Kristin Alstad and that’s my story.