Community Benefit - Video Transcript

Community Benefit Montage

Narrator:  Beyond the walls of our care facilities, Sutter Health turns our mission into reality every day by investing in our communities. From financial support of local clinics to creative ways of expressing our passion for compassion, Sutter Health promotes wellness and much more. In the wake of a devastating residential gas pipeline explosion, Sutter Health and our affiliates donated a quarter of a million dollars to the Bay Area chapter of the American Red Cross. Fire also destroyed a northern California food bank during the busy holiday season. Again, Sutter stepped in to help.

“Sutter immediately gave us money so we could buy food and get right back in business.”

"And then Sutter stepped forward and said, 'You need space? We got space.' We don't have to operate under crisis mode because Sutter has given us the gift of space and time, so that we can proceed and make wiser and better decisions as we rebuild."

Narrator:  When a massive earthquake rocked Haiti, Sutter swiftly pledged more than $1.25 million in cash and supplies—plus sent multiple medical teams.

"We each have stories of patients that are alive because we're here, so I guess that does mean we've done some good."

Narrator:  Our partnership with the March of Dimes topped $630,000 in 2010.
That makes us the number-one health care fundraising team in the nation for the March of Dimes. Together, Sutter Health and the March of Dimes can make sure that every parent knows the joy of taking home a healthy newborn.

Narrator:  And our $25,000 contribution to a high school baseball field makeover changed the outlook of student athletes and a community at large.

"It was nice for the kids to know somebody was willing to help them—and that it wasn't it going to be all on them. For a lot of the kids it reenergized them."

"I think Sutter's amazing for doing this. And I really believe that this is something that just reaches out to everybody in the community.  It gives them a chance to see that there really is a community here and that Sutter Health is a big part of that."