National Volunteer Week 2011- Video Transcript

Sue August, Sutter Health University:
When I think about the amount of time that people give generously, to come out and serve our patients, it's remarkable. I just look at them and see that they have a lot of choices on how they spend their time. But they choose to come into our organizations to make a difference, and that’s phenomenal.

Betsy Fried, Sutter Medical Foundation:
These darling, darling women volunteer their time just to sit there all day and handle patient questions, information, and directions. They knit hats for the cancer patients. They're just amazing.

Denece Jackson, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center:
I oversee our admitting department, and we do have volunteers that come in. They help out with instructing patients where they need to go—and things like that. They’re great. They’re wonderful.

Virgie Galindo, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital:
Our volunteers—they are an integral part of providing patient care for our organization.

Jonathan Blank, Sutter General Hospital:
We use a lot of volunteers in other areas of our department, not in surgery, but all of it combines into the aggregate that is Sutter Health.

Kerry Jeffords, Sutter Health Support Services:
For folks who want to volunteer some time…I think it’s a tribute that they believe we’re worthy of that extra little corner of their hearts and minds. 

Ann Holston, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
They do all the things that you sometimes don’t have time to do, and they’re very educated. So, thank you for volunteering. Very useful and very much appreciated.