Partnerships Enhance Care

Sweeping changes throughout the health care industry have given us even more opportunities to improve the quality and safety of our medical services, while ensuring that patients receive care tailored to their unique needs. Alliances with other health agencies, as well as continued investments into new technologies and research, help us meet the changing health care needs of our communities.

Sharing Ideas Nationwide

In 2011, Sutter Health shared ideas and information with more than a dozen nationally recognized health systems, as part of the High Value Healthcare Collaborative. Founded by The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, this group includes representatives from such organizations as the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. Participants discuss and share data on various medical conditions to help identify ways to improve treatment success, while reducing health care costs for patients and insurers.

Research Improves Care for our Tiniest Patients

Through our long-time partnership with the March of Dimes, we're helping to prevent premature births and improve the health of moms and babies. Our collaborative efforts support innovative research on preconception planning and preterm labor. They also help prevent early, elective deliveries. As a result, Sutter Health has introduced clinical programs and advancements now being adopted nationwide.

Working Together to Improve Lives

Our partnerships with clinics and other caregivers in our communities support patients beyond the walls of our care centers.

  • CPMC offers a unique program to support disadvantaged children with asthma. The program pairs young asthma patients with community health workers who teach the children how to better manage their symptoms. The program has resulted in fewer asthma-related emergency room visits.
  • Cultural background can influence a patient's health risks, especially within the Asian community. For many years, health professionals and hospitals within the Sutter Health network have worked closely with local Asian community leaders to provide health clinics, education workshops and other services.
  • In Sacramento, Sutter Health is a founding partner of a community program called T3 (Triage, Transport and Treatment). Designed for patients who frequently visit the emergency room for non-emergency reasons, T3 helps them get medical treatment from primary care doctors instead. T3 improves the health of these patients, reduces ER waiting time for those with true medical emergencies and lowers overall health care costs.
  • Also in Placer County, we partner with the Latino Leadership Council to bring promotoras—Spanish-speaking community health professionals—into two Sutter Health hospitals. The promotoras work with families within the Latino community to provide education on a variety of health issues.

Teaming up with Employers

In September 2011, Sutter-affiliated Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) and the Marvell Technology Group, an international semi-conductor company, launched a unique onsite wellness program for employees at Marvell's Santa Clara location. The program included biometric screenings, an online personal health risk assessment, and an appointment with a PAMF primary care doctor. The effort brought medical screenings and care directly to employees during working hours.