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    It's Time to Talk About Cancer

    Sutter Health is proud to sponsor Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies. Presented by Ken Burns, the three-part, six-hour major television event is being hailed as “the most comprehensive documentary on a single disease ever made.”

    Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies

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    Twitter Discussion

    Sutter Health hosted a live chat on Twitter on March 31st and April 1st using #CancerFilmQA.

    Each evening we had a variety of cancer experts from across the Sutter Health network answering questions. Each expert was assigned a personalized hashtag, which was included into their respective responses.

    Meet the Panel:

    Night 1:
    Rajesh Behl, M.D., specializes in leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other hematologic malignancies #RBMDOpens new window
    John Chung-Kai Chan, M.D., directs GYN research & focuses in ovarian, uterine & cervical cancer. #JCMDOpens new window
    Stephanie Jeske, M.D., is a medical oncologist who specializes in breast cancer #SJMDOpens new window
    Frank Delarama R.N., MSN is a clinical nurse specialist & prostate cancer nurse navigator #FDRNOpens new window

    Night 2:
    Mohammed Kashani-Sabet, MD is the Medical Director of Cancer Programs specializing in Melanoma #MKMDOpens new window
    Peter Yu, MD specializes in adult cancers & President of American Society of Clinical Oncology #PYMDOpens new window
    Sharon Tapper, MD, specializes in Palliative Medicine and Hospice #STMDOpens new window
    Cindi Cantrill, RN, OCN, CBCN, MPH is the director for Palliative Services/Patient Navigation #CCRNOpens new window
    Lea Martineau, RN, BSN, OCN is the Program Coordinator for Oncology Services #LMRNOpens new window
    Sara Hoffman, MS, LCGC, is a genetic counselor in the Cancer Risk Assessment Program #SHGCOpens new window

    Highlights from Night One of Twitter Discussion

    #CancerFIlmQA prompts Twitter questions about cancer treatment, prevention, and statistics.

    Breast cancer:

    Q: @sph5: @SutterHealth what are the options for people facing breast cancer #CancerFilm #CancerFilmQA
    A: @SutterHealth: @sph5 Lumpectomies are now also an option for women, less invasive and may be just as effective new window #CancerfilmQA
    A: ‏@SutterHealth : @sph5 Breast cancer treatments still include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy new window #cancerfilmqa

    Q: ‏@kseintweets: What a great explanation of lumpectomy vs radical mastectomy for #breastcancer What % of women still chose mastectomy now? #cancerfilmqa
    A: @SutterHealth: @kseintweets #SJMD About 33% of women have a mastectomy whether by choice or medical necessity #cancerfilmqa

    Q: ‏@napahighrise: #CancerFilmQA Are the breast cancer rates going down in America?
    A: ‏‏@SutterHealth: @napahighrise #SJMD Rates are slightly decreasing in the US each year. Early detection remains critical to survival #cancerfilmqa

    Q: ‏@shaunralston: @SutterHealth Should males be concerned about genetic breast cancer risk? #CancerFilmQA
    A: ‏@SutterHealth: @shaunralston #FDRN Male breast cancer is rare (<1%) It can rise to 7% with a BRCA mutation. See a breast surgeon to follow. #CancerFilmQA

    Q: ‏@yayayarndiva: @SutterHealth What about differences in breast cancer treatment access for African American women, differences in dx+survival #CancerFilmQA
    A: @SutterHealth : @yayayarndiva #SJMD Access to treatments & higher rates of aggressive breast cancers impact this discrepancy for AA women #cancerfilmqa


    Q: @mlupetin: @SutterHealth Much cancer in my family. At what age should cancer screening begin? Family history is colon & prostate cancer. #CancerFilmQA
    A: ‏‏@SutterHealth: @mlupetin FDNR Sutter Health strongly recommends colon cancer screenings. They save lives. new window #CancerFilmQA (1/2)
    A: ‏@SutterHealth: @mlupetin #FDRN Most men should start at age 50. Please talk to your MD for more information (2/2) new window #CancerFilmQA

    Q: @yayayarndiva: @SutterHealth Film mentioned "effective vaccine available for HCV" for liver cancer prevention- any status on HCV vaccine #CancerFilmQA
    A: ‏@SutterHealth: @yayayarndiva #RBMD There is not yet an effective HCV vaccine but we now have effective treatments for eradicating it #cancerfilmqa


    Q: @cdeclapiers: @SutterHealth #cancerfilmqa : what is the cure rate of all cancer diagnosis ? what is the 10 years survival rate ?
    A: ‏‏@SutterHealth: @cdeclapiers #RBMD A hard question to answer. It depends on the cancer & it's a moving target. The cure rate is improving #cancerfilmqa

    Q: @BethDiebels @sutterhealth Isn't there a coalition between what we eat helping to fight cancer during treatment or help avoid all together? #CancerFilmQA
    A: ‏@SutterHealth@BethDiebels #SJMD Healthy diet and regular exercise can reduce breast cancer risk by 50% #cancerfilmqa

    Highlights from Night Two of Twitter Discussion

    Sutter’s #CancerFIlmQA wrapped up with several tweets focused on current and emerging therapies in treatment which echoed the films future of cancer theme.

    Q: @tifflmatthews: #CancerFilmQACan we expect to see immunotherapy emerge as a viable treatment for cancer? And if so, is it equally effective on all types?
    A: @SutterHealth: @tifflmatthews #LMRN There are more trials on the way for immunotherapy that look promising. #CancerFilmQA (1/2)
    A: @SutterHealth: @tifflmatthews #LMRN Unfortunately, the ones currently available don’t work well in different cancer types.#CancerFilmQA (2/2)

    Q: ‏@_plaskett: @sutterhealth Are there any just-emerging technologies or discoveries that are especially significant for future treatments? #cancerfilmqa
    A: @SutterHealth: @_plaskett #MKMD the exciting discoveries are in the realm of targeted therapies and immune oncology #CancerfilmQA

    Q: @bobbinikles: #CancerFilmQA Is tamoxifen x5 years still protocol for questionable dcis in biopsy and normal lumpectomy f surgery tissue? #CancerFilmQA
    A: @SutterHealth: @bobbinikles #PYMD Tamoxifen is recommended to prevent future breast cancer in patients with dcis but role of size is unknown #CancerFilmQA
    A: @SutterHealth @bobbinikles #CCRN Yes, still the standard of care. But individual risk assesment is always prudent #CancerFilmQA

    Q: @wilton_wright: @sutterhealth how do targeted therapies work? #cancerfilmqa
    A: @SutterHealth: @wilton_wright #PYMD They target the proteins made by genetic mutations that accelerate the growth of cancer cells #CancerFilmQA

    Q: @kseintweets: #PYMD #MKMD Amazing how fast targeted therapies work. Do we expect to see more of these in the future?#CancerFilmQA @SutterHealth
    A: @SutterHealth: @kseintweets #PYMD Every year the FDA is approving more drugs, the majority of which are targeted therapies #CancerFilmQA


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