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    Community Benefit Definition

    Sutter Health and many other health care system around the country voluntarily subscribe to a common definition of community benefit developed by the Catholic Health Association.

    What is Community Benefit?

    Community benefits are programs or activities that provide treatment and/or promote health and healing as a response to community needs; they are not provided for marketing purposes.

    Community benefit:

    • Generates a low or negative financial return

    • Responds to needs of special populations such as persons living in poverty and other disenfranchised persons

    • Supplies services or programs that would likely be discontinued – or would need to be provided by another not-for-profit or government provider – if the decision was made on a purely financial basis

    • Responds to public health needs

    • Involves education or research that improves overall community health

    Sutter Health's Commitment to Our Communities

    In 2016, our network of physician organizations, hospitals and other health care providers, invested $669 million in health care programs, services and benefits for the poor and underserved. This includes:

    • The cost of providing charity care
    • The unpaid costs of participating in Medi-Cal
    • Investments in medical research, health education and community-based public benefit programs such as school-based clinics and prenatal care for patients.

    Association for Community Health Improvement

    Sutter Health is a proud member of the Association for Community Health Improvement (ACHI). This organization provides tools and resources to help Sutter Health enhance performance in achieving community health goals.
    Learn about ACHI