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    School Anxiety: Know the Signs

    Signs of anxiety:

    • Attitude of indifference about school
    • Not enthusiastic about school shopping or talking about school
    • Trouble falling asleep
    • Sudden physical complaints on the morning of the first school day, such as stomachache, headache, etc

    Common fears:

    • Being separated from parents
    • Fear that something bad may happen to their parents while they are in school
    • Scary teachers and/or janitors
    • Mean kids
    • Spooky bathrooms

    Preparing your child for their first day:

    • Separate from and reunite with your child
    • Take a car ride to school
    • Walk through the campus, including bathroom, before school starts
    • Ask teacher for an autographed picture
    • Arrange a brief welcome-to-school phone call from the teacher