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    Work/Life Programs
    Sutter EAP

    It’s not easy to give full attention to a job when your employees are concerned about finding the right care for their children or elderly family members; training a new pet; adopting a child; getting out of debt; planning for retirement; or thinking about other issues that affect the well-being of themselves or their families.

    That’s why we designed a comprehensive Work/Life Program that serves as a one-stop resource for a wide range of needs. By researching, locating and qualifying a trusted network of care and service providers to serve our large client base of more than 54,000 employees and their families, we make it easy for your employees to focus on their jobs and still feel confident that they're meeting their family’s needs.

    We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment that enables us to locate the right resource to meet your employees' specific needs. Then we match their needs with our extensive resources in the following areas:

    Child Care
    • Consulting on child care & parenting issues
    • Referrals to:
      • Family day care homes
      • Infant centers
      • Pre-schools
      • Before/after school care
      • Summer programs
      • Emergency/Back-up care
      • Care for sick children
      • In-home options
      • Overnight/swing shift resources
      • Care for special needs children
    • Resources for new parents
    Adult Care
    • Consulting on elder care and disabled adult issues
    • Referrals to care providers and/or support services for:
      • Nursing home/in-home care
      • Assisted living facilities
      • Meal/nutrition programs
      • Transportation
      • Caregiver support
    • Relocation assistance
    Pet Care
    • Consulting and Referrals
      • Vets
      • Animal Hospitals
      • Pet Services
      • Groomers/Boarders
      • Pet Insurance
      • Obedience Classes
    Adoption Assistance
    • Consulting
      • Adoption options
      • The Adoption process
    • Referrals
      • Public and private adoption agencies
      • Adoption support organizations
      • Single parent adoptions
      • Adopting special needs children
      • Step-parent adoptions
      • International adoptions
      • Attorneys specializing in adoption
    • Educational Materials
    • Resource Listings
    School Selection
    • Consulting
      • Public vs. private schools
      • Advantages/disadvantages of each option
      • Selecting an appropriate school
      • Home schooling
    • Referrals
      • Elementary and secondary public/private schools
      • After school programs
    • Educational Materials
      • Resource listing
     College Assistance
    • Consulting
      • Private college vs. state universities
      • Masters/MBA programs
      • The college process
    • Referrals
      • State/private colleges and universities
      • Test preparation courses
      • Financial aid
      • Educational consultants  
    Financial Services

    Each member is entitled to a no-cost telephonic consultation with financial counselors. These services are provided by seasoned financial professionals and licensed CPA’s. Telephone consultations are generally limited to between thirty and sixty minutes per issue. Additional time will be billed at a preferred discount rate of 25% off the provider’s normal fees. Topics include:

    • Financial Matters such as budgeting, debt consolidation, and lease/purchase questions
    • Consumer Credit / Financial Counseling Services such as credit reports, bankruptcy and general financial issues
    • Tax Preparation/Planning
    • IRS Matters
    • Retirement/College Planning

    To take advantage of your Work/Life Program benefits, simply call us toll free at (800) 477-2258.