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    Sutter EAP

    Through our trained counselors and network of outside experts, we offer workshops on a wide variety of topics and can tailor a workshop or series of training sessions to meet a specific need. Among the topics available, we offer workshops covering the following subjects. If there is a topic of interest you do not see covered on the list, please feel free to ask us about it by calling toll free at (800) 477-2258.

    Team Building
    Trained facilitators assist your team in building morale, cohesiveness, effective work processes and focusing on shared goals.

    Coping with Conflict
    There are many coping mechanisms available to help us deal with conflict, whether it's job related or a situation at home. Learn positive ways to deal with these situations to stay healthy.

    Effective Communication
    Effective communication is vital in our jobs and personal relationships. We often react emotionally when we interact with others in a difficult situation, which can lead to misunderstandings. Alliance communication training will give you the skills to handle any communication situation with tact and diplomacy.

    Preventing Burnout
    Learn how to tell when you are beginning to feel burned out from your stressful work situation. Know your limits, take care of yourself, talk with others. Positive steps to take toward greater physical and mental health.

    Time Management/Maximizing Results
    At the heart of time management is an important shift in focus. Concentrate on results, not on being busy. Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity, but achieve very little because they are not concentrating on the right things. Learn about the five key components to maximize your results:

    • Goal Setting
    • Prioritization
    • Managing Interruptions
    • Procrastination
    • Scheduling

    Managing Multiple Demands
    Prioritizing, time management, coping with stress, job burnout, helpful tips to stay on track.

    Problem Solving
    Thre are many approaches to problem solving. A traditional, rational approach involves analyzing causes, identifying alternatives, assessing alternatives, implementation and evaluation. Appreciative inquiry approach asserts that if we look at it as a problem, then it will become one. This approach identifies our best times about a situation in the past, thinking about what worked best then, visioning what we want in the future, and building from our strengths to work toward our vision.

    Managing Stress and Change
    A one-hour, educational style presentation designed to help you understand your individual reactions to stress and change. Participants will be taught how to minimize negative reactions by increasing their ability to be resilient.
    • Explore the relationship between stress and change
    • Discover how you may be contributing to your stress
    • Gain skills and strategies to minimize your contributions to your level of stress
    • Improve your ability to be resilient

    Stress Management
    Workshop focuses not only on negative aspects of stress, but on the positive as well. Stress is normal; you need a certain amount of it to perform your best at work. Some people thrive in high stress situations.

    Dealing with Depression
    Learn how to recognize the early triggers or symptoms and how to work with your doctor or therapist to keep depression from worsening. Covers common symptoms; what causes depression; who is prone to depression; and more.

    Laughter is Good Medicine
    Laughter is great medicine in all kinds of stressful situations. It relieves tension and helps in coping with stress.

    Learn how to move toward acceptance of loss by recognizing the five stages of grief. We'll look at different kinds of loss, when to seek help, and basic coping mechanisms.

    Anger Management
    This workshop covers causes and effects of anger, how to release anger in a healthy manner by admitting you're angry, identifying why you are angry, and expressing your anger in positive, honest conversation.

    Substance Abuse
    In this workshop, learn to debunk some myths, symptoms of dependency, problems caused by dependency, and what to do for yourself or loved ones in a dependency situation.

    Holiday Blues
    We'll focus on positive ways to enjoy the holidays by starting new traditions, participating in social gatherings even if you feel blue, taking care of yourself, volunteering your time, and talking things out with loved ones and friends.

    Effective Parenting
    This workshop covers developmental changes, a parent's role, when to seek help, as well as positive coping techniques and communication.

    Goal Setting
    This is a practical hand-on workshop to set goals both on the job and in your personal life. Learn why goals are important and can assist you in building your self-confidence. Barriers to attaining goals will be explored, along with making sure that your goals are:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Realistic
    • Timed

    Problem Solving
    Learn skills to resolve problems and challenge that might otherwise be overwhelming or complex. Develop skills to strategically understand problems in order to address the root cause. Participants will learn about:
    • Questioning
    • Planning
    • Gathering
    • Sorting and Sifting
    • Synthesizing
    • Evaluating

    If there is a topic of interest you do not see covered on the list, please feel free to ask us about it by calling toll free at (800) 477-2258.