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    Sutter EAP Referral Processes

    As a Supervisor you know that a wide range of problems can impact an employee's job performance. Marital / family problems, parenting concerns, traumatic events (either personal or work related), financial concerns, alcohol and /or drug use can cause a decrease in employee productivity while increasing absenteeism and on-the-job accidents.

    • Self-Referrals

    • Most employees can seek help for themselves through Sutter EAP. They can call (800) 477-2258 or request services online.
      Initial Service Request
    • Informal Referrals

    • Employees who voluntarily seek assistance from supervisors, human resource staff and fellow employees can be encouraged to contact Sutter EAP to access services. Employees may have forgotten that this benefit is available to them.
    • Formal Referrals

    • When personal problems have severely affected an employee's work performance and there is general concern for an employee's well being and /or sufficient cause for termination of employment the supervisor may wish to consult Sutter EAP (800) 477-2258. After consultation with Sutter EAP and the appropriate human resource staff, the supervisor can complete a Supervisor Referral Form (PDF).