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    Counseling and Assessment Referrals
    Sutter EAP

    How to Refer an Employee for Counseling Services

    Sutter EAP is designed to make it easy for employees to voluntarily and confidentially access professional services when they feel they need it. Managers can remind employees about their Sutter EAP benefits and recommend the employee take advantage of the program, but managers should not demand the employee call Sutter EAP or make employment contingent upon getting EAP services without coordinating their actions with human resources personnel and going through the formal management referral process.
    Printable Supervisor Referral Form (PDF)

    Sutter EAP provides trainings to managers and supervisors to assist them in working effectively and objectively with employees. Please contact us toll free at (800) 477-2258 to arrange training for one or more supervisors/managers.

    If you have questions about completing the form, please contact us by calling (800) 477-2258.
    Please fax completed form to (916) 503-6917.