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    Workshops and Training
    Sutter EAP

    In today's fast paced work environments, it is important for work teams to function effectively and efficiently. Sutter EAP has a variety of workshops, trainings and interventions to help your team meet the challenges of today. In addition to workshops for teams, Sutter EAP also offers Manager and Supervisor trainings, and other On-Site Interventions.

    Workshops for your team include

    Coping with Conflict
    There are many coping mechanisms available to help us deal with conflict, whether it's job related or a situation at home. Learn positive ways to deal with these situations to stay healthy.

    Effective Communication
    Effective communication is vital in our jobs and personal relationships. We often react emotionally when we interact with others in a difficult situation, which can lead to misunderstandings. Alliance communication training will give you the skills to handle any communication situation with tact and diplomacy.

    Becoming a Change Agent
    A one-hour, educational style presentation designed to help your team thrive during change. Participants will be taught how to minimize negative reactions by increasing their ability to be resilient.

    • Explore the relationship between stress and change
    • Improve your ability to be resilient

    Goal Setting
    This is a practical hands-on workshop to set goals both on the job and in your personal life. Learn why goals are important and can assist you in building your self-confidence. Barriers to attaining goals will be explored, along with making sure that your goals are "SMART":
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Realistic
    • Timed

    If there is a topic of interest you do not see covered on the list, please feel free to ask us about it by calling toll free at (800) 477-2258.