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    Meet Our Employees

    We asked physicians, employees and volunteers throughout Sutter Health to tell us in six words:
    "How do you make a difference at work?" The response was huge. Featured here are a few of those employees--and their heartfelt six words.

    Creativity and compassion--in six words

    Trainer, Sutter Physician Services
    My 6words: "Quality service and
    care matters most"

    Registered Nurse, Central Valley
    My 6words: "Making a difference;
    every patient, every time"

    Kelly Ann
    Physical Therapist, Sacramento Area
    My 6words: "Treat people with
    dignity and respect"

    Receptionist, East Bay
    My 6words: "Patient perception
    begins with great reception"

    Staff Nurse, West Bay
    My 6words: "Affect patients with a
    positive presence"

    Mental Health Specialist, Hawaii
    My 6words: "Acknowledge, listen,
    own, honor and appreciate