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    Live Well for Life Frequently Asked Questions

    Here we provide answers to commonly asked questions about the Live Well for Life program.

    How is my Personal Health Information protected?

    Your entire personal health information (PHI) resides on a third-party administrator separate server and is password protected. Your employer does not have access to any of your data, and will only receive aggregate reporting; such as the percentage of employees that have coronary risk factors, the number of employees that have high blood pressure, the number of employees that are interested in aerobic classes. We strictly follow all HIPAA regulations. You will be asked to review and accept our privacy statement and terms and conditions prior to completing your personal health assessment online.

    Who is eligible to participate?

    Check with your HR department to see if you are eligible to participate.

    How do I know which program is offered by my employer?

    You should begin by checking with your HR department to confirm which program is currently offered at your worksite. Also, you can check the flyers, emails and other communications that will be distributed to you which will provide you with the information on how to participate, upcoming events and important dates and deadlines.

    Why should I participate in this program?

    This is a very unique benefit that your employer is offering you. Your employer is committed to the health and welfare of its employees. This program is made available to assist you in becoming healthier and maintaining a healthy quality of life. Even if you are healthy and have no risk factors, the program can help you to maintain your healthy lifestyle choices. The Live Well for Life program has changed many people's lives for the better - to see participants' success stories, visit the testimonials tab of this website.

    Why should I include my biometrics on my health risk assessment?

    Including your numbers on your personal health assessment is optional. However, it is important that you know your numbers in order to have an accurate picture of your total health status, and be aware of where you should focus your health improvement efforts.