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    Find an Orthopedic Specialist

    Below is information on physicians who diagnose and treat conditions of the bone and joints, including knee, hip, shoulder and spine problems, and joint replacement surgeries.

    Your primary care physician can evaluate your early symptoms and refer to specialists, as needed. If you don't have one already, you can find a primary care doctor here.

    Ready for a specialist? Choose from the regions below to view Sutter Health orthopedic specialists nearest you.

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    Orthopedic Surgery is the branch of surgery concerned with acute, chronic, traumatic, overuse and other disorders of the bones, joints and muscles. These doctors perform surgery on joints such as shoulders, knees and hips, including artificial replacements for these joints. Orthopedic surgeons who specialize in back problems may perform surgery on the spine. When choosing an orthopedic surgeon for your particular issue, be sure to check his or her profile for Professional Interests or Fellowship training in the area of your concern - or inquire when you call the physician's office about special areas of focus, such as hip replacements or shoulder repair.

    Orthopedists - non-surgical are specialists who treat bones, joints and muscles but do not perform surgery.

    Sports Medicine is a subspecialty area of Orthopedics. See below for Sports Medicine Specialists.

    Find a Sports Medicine Specialist by Geography

    Sports Medicine is the field of medicine devoted to athletic injuries. Doctors specializing in sports medicine help patients prevent and recover from injuries suffered while engaging in sports activities.