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    Orthopedic Webinars | Sutter Health

    Sutter Health’s orthpedic webinar series features medical experts who present on bone and joint health. These free Webinars include a 30 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A regarding a specific health topic.

    Past Webinars

    Watch videos of recent Sutter Health orthopedic webinars.

    Hip Check: Treatment for Hip Arthritis and Pain
    Hip problems and chronic pain can impede a person’s ability to enjoy an active, full life. Fortunately, a wide range of treatment options are available for people with arthritis, sports injuries and fractures. Features Dr. Robert Mayle, Orthopedic Surgery.
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    ACL Injuries and Prevention
    If you've suffered an ACL tear - or want to avoid this painful injury - join us for a free online health chat, featuring Orthopedic Surgeon John Belzer, MD, of Sutter Health's California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.
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    Shoulder Arthritis: New Treatments and Care for Your Aching Shoulder
    Wear and tear of the shoulder joint is a leading cause of arthritis. For many, shoulder arthritis results in pain during activity or while at rest, and can increase with age. Join orthopedic surgeon Daniel Solomon, M.D., and physical therapist Jennifer Lehr, P.T., as they address symptoms and treatment for shoulder arthritis, and answer viewer questions.
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