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    Health Care Quality

    We want every patient's care - whether it takes place in one of our hospitals, a physician's office, over the telephone or in the patient's home - to be the absolute best. Sutter Health has adopted an evidence-based model of care to further improve patient outcomes. Drawing from our own best practices and scientific proof of the most effective treatments, we're finding better ways of caring for patients.

    Improving Patient Care

    Preventing Sepsis
    Sutter Health has made dramatic improvements in the early detection and the treatment of sepsis - a serious bloodstream infection that is one of the leading causes of death nationwide for patients who die at the hospital.
    Preventing sepsis - learn more

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    Preventing Infections
    Sutter Health ahs made it a priority to reduce preventable hospital-aquired infections such as central line infections and ventilator-associated pneumonia.
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    Preventing Pressure Ulcers
    Sutter Health has an aggressive strategy to reduce the number of hospital-aquired pressure ulcers.
    Preventing pressure ulcers - learn more

    Advanced Illness Management
    One way we're becoming more accountable for our patient's clinical outcomes, experience of care and overall costs is to better coordinate care for the needs of patients with chronic advaced illness.
    Advanced illness management - learn more

    Health Care Quality Awards

    The Sutter Health network and our affiliates are nationally recognized leaders in health care quality. To read about our latest recognitions, please visit our news blog on quality.