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    The Denier Brother's story of managing their asthma

    For the three young Denier brothers who live on a ranch in Galt, it’s the simple things that matter the most . . .

    “I like to ride horses,” says Ryan.
    “I like to work on tractors,” adds Chance.
    “I like to run around our alfalfa fields,” echoes Brandon.

    Spending their days outdoors is something these kids don’t take for granted because they can remember when their most difficult ranch chore was simply breathing in and out.

    Since they were babies, the Denier boys have suffered from asthma, a chronic respiratory condition that can flare up with exposure to dust, pollen, wind and animal dander. Of course, these are the very same elements these young ranchers face every day, which led to frequent and sometimes frightening attacks of coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. That was their story…until they came to Sutter Gould Medical Foundation for evaluation and treatment, including an asthma management plan tailored to their individual needs.

    Pediatrician Karen Buchler with Sutter Gould Medical Foundation is one of the physicians within Sutter who has cared for the Denier family. She helped treat the two youngest boys whose wheezing began after contracting a Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection.”

    “Getting the Denier boys back to a normal, healthy life—that was my goal,” she says. “I am proud to have been a part of helping ‘their story’ end happily.” she adds, “There are many compelling stories out there that exemplify the Sutter difference.”

    Today, the boys (and their parents) have learned to successfully prevent and manage asthma flare-ups and are back to doing what they love—enjoying the great outdoors.

    “We’re the Denier brothers, and that’s our story!”