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    Derryl's story of beating breast cancer

    Between raising two daughters and traveling an hour and a half to work every day Deryl Wallace found little time to focus on her health—until she was diagnosed with breast cancer—twice.

    “The first time I had breast cancer (in 2001), I found out by just crossing my arms and feeling a lump,” says the Sacramento-area resident. “I wasn’t expected to live, but the fighter in me came out. I was like a boxer in the ring and if cancer was my opponent, I was not going down without a fight.”

    After the diagnosis, Deryl took immediate steps to put her health at the top of her priority list. She successfully fought her way through chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and dealt squarely with the stressors which previously defined her life.

    “Leaving this world was not an option for me,” recalls Deryl. “I was going to live for my girls, for dancing, for volunteering, for my family and for everything I hold dear.”

    In 2006, an old foe summoned Deryl back into the ring—cancer had returned, and this time it attacked the vertebrae in her neck. For the second time in five years she underwent intense chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Finally, she feels like she’s on her way to being cancer-free.

    “It was a heck of a journey,” she says proudly. “But I survived.” Deryl is now receiving follow-up oncology care at Sutter Roseville Medical Center.

    With her health future bright, Deryl says she’s got a new purpose, “One of my passions is to tell everyone I know to take care of themselves because if you don’t have your health, nothing (else) in life matters.”

    I’m Deryl Wallace, and that’s my story.