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    Hazel's story of beating breast cancer

    Hazel Hyde Neibert is the first to admit that, years ago, her health was low on her priority list. But when she discovered a lump in her breast last year, everything changed. Immediately, she called for an appointment at Sutter-affiliated California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco. After a mammogram and a biopsy, her worst fears were confirmed: breast cancer.

    “It was very frightening,” she recalls. “You just feel like you’re a fish out of water. I felt out of control.” Fortunately, that feeling was short-lived. CPMC surgeon Ralph Roan, M.D., saw her promptly, meeting with her and answering every question with calm reassurance. Soon afterward, CPMC cancer specialist Richard Cohen, M.D., also spent time with her, discussing her options and providing encouragement. “Everyone at Sutter just took care of me—and I felt very safe,” Hazel says.

    During the next ten months, Hazel went through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatment and follow-up care, also visiting Sutter Solano Cancer Center in her hometown of Vallejo. She received her radiation treatment at Sutter Solano from Patricia Seid, M.D. Hazel praises the friendly, compassionate treatment she received from everyone who cared for her—from doctors to receptionists. “Every time I spoke with someone, I felt better. “I feel I’m cancer free. I’m very happy, getting my energy back and being back in the moment again.”

    “I’m Hazel Hyde Neibert, and that’s my story.”