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    Real health care. Real quick.

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    • No appointment necessary
    • Open to everyone
    • For adults and children 18 months of age and older
    • Visits typically take about 20 minutes
    • Open 7 days a week with extended hours
    • Affordable flat fee for many common treatments
    Now you can receive easy access to the care you need, seven days a week. Sutter Express Care offers quick, quality health care at select Rite Aid stores.

    What is Sutter Express Care?

    Sutter Express Care medical clinics offer fast, easy and affordable health care inside select Rite Aid stores.

    Every Sutter Express Care medical clinic is staffed by a Certified Nurse Practitioner who has advanced training to diagnose and prescribe medication for common ailments like the flu and strep throat. With physician oversight, and following physician-developed protocols, the clinics also provide a variety of routine medical services including physical exams and immunizations.

    Who can use Sutter Express Care and what is the cost?

    Sutter Express Care is open to everyone - regardless of where you receive other health care. Services are for adults and children 18 months of age and older. We can provide health care to you and your family, regardless of where you currently receive physician or hospital care.

    The price for most visits is an affordable flat fee of $75. Your health plan might also cover a portion of the fee.


    Clinics are located at select Rite Aid stores in the Sacramento area. Get maps and directions at

    2751 Del Paso Road
    Sacramento, CA 95835
    (800) 972-5547

    980 Florin Road
    Sacramento, CA 95831
    (800) 972-5547

    4004 Foothills Blvd.
    Sacramento, CA 95747
    (800) 972-5547