About Us

Our People: Dedicated to Health

Each week, more than 32,000 people come to Sutter for care. And every day, employees, doctors, nurses, advanced practice clinicians and volunteers across the Sutter Health network go to work for them. Inspired by Sutter Health’s not-for-profit mission, vision and values, everything we do as part of our integrated network supports transforming care to help people live healthier lives.

Living Our Sutter Values

Every day employees and clinicians live our Sutter values to collectively create a high-quality, exceptional patient experience.

Shareef Salameh

Through his work volunteering in the community, Sutter employee Shareef Salameh embodies the Sutter values of Compassion & Caring.

Tim Jones

Tim Jones, a Sutter Mental Health Services employee, lives the Sutter values of Excellence & Quality every day.

Catherine Pearl

For Laboratory Services employee Catherine Pearl, Teamwork is a fundamental Sutter value.

Pillars Support Sutter's Strong Nursing Culture

Nurses are the core of our relationship with patients and families who trust us to care for them at the most vulnerable moments of their lives. The four pillars of our Nursing Philosophy of Care—Force of Good, Humble Presence, Unique Contribution and Unlimited Potential —are an extension of Sutter Health’s values.

We Put Focus on
Clinician Well-Being

We support programs throughout Sutter that aid the well-being of doctors and advanced practice clinicians and help them explore ways to experience joy in their work.

Sutter Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion

Our patients come from all walks of life, and our workforce does too. Sutter’s Inclusion Resource Groups help our employees share their unique talents, skills and experiences, and support each other so we better understand and serve our patients and communities.

  • Multicultural

    The Multicultural IRG encourages Sutter employees to build an even more inclusive and culturally competent workforce and care environment at Sutter Health.

  • Military & Veterans

    This IRG provides support for all active duty and former military members and their families, while giving them a community where they can grow their career and share their experiences and expertise.

  • Ability

    Ability IRG raises awareness and nurtures an equitable and inclusive working environment for employees with disabilities and related experiences in the workplace and community.

  • Pride

    Our LGBTQ+ IRG fosters a workplace in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and queer employees — and their supporters and allies — feel a sense of community and opportunity.

Sutter Health Board of Directors

Each of the 15 members of Sutter Health’s board brings deep professional experience and a strong commitment to community service to Sutter Health.

Learn More about Sutter Health Board of Directors.