Quality & Affordability

Excellence in Quality Care

Sutter Health’s integrated network of care provides a more user-friendly healthcare system, patient-centered care and healthier outcomes. This ultimately gives patients greater access to quality healthcare at a lower total cost.

Advancing Health Equity

Sutter Health is committed to delivering high-quality care to all patients, regardless of their background. Sutter’s Advancing Health Equity team uses innovative tools to identify gaps in healthcare outcomes and specifically address them.

Dynamic Leadership

As part of our commitment to provide the best care and health outcomes for all our patients, Sutter has pledged to advance health equity through research and patient-focused care, and we want to make it possible for other providers to do the same.

Community Partners

Sutter provides care to a diverse patient population, primarily serving 22 Northern California counties in a wide array of rural, urban and suburban communities. Sutter and its community partners work together to address racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare so that everyone can live a healthier life.

Health Equity Index

Sutter Health developed the Health Equity Index, a novel tool that identifies, measures and helps providers respond to health inequities. As the parent of an integrated health system, Sutter Health has a unique opportunity to identify and address disparities and design interventions that can be applied in care settings across the Sutter network and beyond.

Sutter Health 2018: Quality & Affordability

Sutter’s integrated network outperforms state and national averages in nearly every measure of quality, regularly earning recognition as a quality care provider.

  • 57 Percent

    reduction in our mortality rate from severe sepsis and septic shock since 2014 when we began work on a major systemwide initiative.

  • 3 Percent

    increase in rates to consumers annually since 2012, despite a steady 6% increase in annual labor, facility and technology expenses.

  • 35 Percent

    reduction in the number of painful and possibly life-threatening Clostridium difficile intestinal infections.

  • 21.2 Percent

    low-risk, first birth C-section rate for Sutter ranks among the best in California.

Sutter’s Mobile Unit
Delivers Stroke Care

Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, part of Sutter’s integrated network, is the only hospital in Northern California—and one of only two hospitals in the state—to bring a specially equipped and staffed ambulance, called a mobile stroke unit, to our communities. We’re helping test the benefits of bringing emergency stroke diagnosis and treatment directly to patients on health outcomes.

Research at Sutter Health

Sutter efficiently manages its resources and uses innovation to make healthcare easier.


Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), a minimally invasive heart procedure, is one of several research breakthroughs and interventional cardiology advances that Sutter helped develop. New studies recently published are helping make the procedure available to an even wider group of patients. Read more about the PARTNER 3 study.

Read more about the Multiple Sclerosis study

Multiple Sclerosis Study

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a difficult illness to treat because its cause is unknown. A new research collaboration through the Center for Precision Medicine Research will allow Sutter to collect and analyze “big data” in hopes of identifying novel disease markers for MS. Read more. Read more about the Multiple Sclerosis study

Read more about the TAPUR study


Seeking to help patients with advanced cancers, the Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization (TAPUR™) study, offered at Sutter sites through the Sutter Cancer Research Consortium, is a clinical trial determining the safety and efficacy of approved, targeted anticancer drugs. Stacy D’Andre, M.D., above, is principal investigator for the study at Sutter. Read more. Read more about the TAPUR study

Enhancing Efficient High-Quality Care

Sutter manages resources, uses innovation to make care easier.

Read more about personalized online healthcare guidance

Personalized Online Healthcare Guidance

Sutter Health teamed up with Ada Health to help patients make informed decisions about next steps for their care. As part of the collaboration, Ada’s AI-powered symptom assessment and care navigation platform was integrated into Sutter Health’s website and My Health Online patient portal. Read more. Read more about personalized online healthcare guidance

TeraPractice launches at Palo Alto Medical Foundation

TeraPractice, a new approach to primary care, provides patients with care wherever they are, allowing them to get in touch with their health team through on-the-go messaging, video visits and same-day appointments.

Read more about the Sutter and Eko Pilot

Sutter and Eko Pilot Remote Cardiac Monitoring Platform

As part of Sutter’s pilot of Eko’s cardiac monitoring platform, patients who have been diagnosed with a cardiac condition and receive primary care at Sutter Medical Foundation in Amador County can now have virtual visits with their Sacramento cardiologist. Read more. Read more about the Sutter and Eko Pilot

Our Integrated System
Responded to Fire Crisis

During the Mendocino Complex Fire, Sutter’s integrated system of care allowed us to respond quickly and effectively for patients and employees. And with road closures preventing most home health visits, the Sutter Care at Home Lakeside team called 64 patients every day so our patients could access the care and services they needed to help stay healthy and safe.