Thank you to our nurses for their dedication to the people of Northern California.

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I became a nurse because of the care I received at CPMC when I was 16 years old and hospitalized for 4 months. My experience at CPMC made such a big difference in my life. I wouldn't be here today without it. - Gabriella, San Francisco
  • 14,444

Sutter Nurses

  • 5,539 Millennials/Gen Y

    Shaping a bright future for healthcare.
    Age 17 to 35
  • 4,628 Generation X

    Providing leadership and comfort.
    Age 36 to 52
  • 4,193 Baby Boomers

    Passing down experience and knowledge.
    Age 53 to 71
  • 84 Silent Generation

    The pioneers of modern healthcare. Age 72+
  • 118,807,055

hours that Sutter nurses have worked to provide you with great care

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