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Integrative Cancer Care: New Strategies for Healing

Presented by Dr. Stacy D'Andre and Certified Nutritionist, Sharon Meyer. Learn how holistic approaches can work alongside conventional medicine to reduce side effects, enhance treatment efficacy, and prevent a recurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Institute for Health & Healing is one of the largest integrative medicine programs in the United States. We empower people to heal with care that is personalized, collaborative and comprehensive. We recognize that connections between mind, body, spirit, relationships and environment impact us in unique ways. Combining the highest quality Western medicine with effective holistic practices expands the tools available to support complete health and healing. Whether you have cancer, heart disease or everyday stress, we focus, whenever possible, on noninvasive treatments designed to promote healing.

Doctors and practitioners at the Institute for Health & Healing coordinate care to bring you a wide array of perspectives and treatments. We can collaborate with your doctor and other providers within or outside the Sutter Health system.

Integrative medicine expands the traditional focus on disease and symptoms to incorporate your full potential for wellness. It shifts the emphasis from establishing what’s wrong to finding how to live better through deep and enduring health practices.

Integrative medicine also expands the treatment landscape to include options that reflect a mind-body-spirit perspective. For any given clinical concern or need, an integrative approach may incorporate ancient traditions such as Chinese medicine and acupuncture as well as modern forms of restoring balance such as functional medicine, mindfulness training and nutrition.

You may come to us with a condition for which conventional medicine may not have all the answers. You may want to enhance the care you are already receiving. Or you may simply be interested in exploring different approaches to wellness and prevention. Whatever your state of health, we can guide you to holistic changes and support you as you put those into practice.

Doctors at the Institute for Health & Healing are all board-certified and Western-trained, and clinicians are specially trained in integrative practices. Across our Northern California locations, we offer in-depth integrative medicine consultations and focused integrative medicine treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic services. In San Francisco, we also offer integrative primary care services.

We believe health and healing include physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual factors. We partner with you to help define your health goals and care plans. You can expect your first visit to last 60 minutes. It will be a comprehensive assessment of the factors mentioned above, as well as other areas, such as sleep, stress management, nutrition and exercise. We’ll also address any specific health concerns you may have. If appropriate, we’ll coordinate your care with other team members, including chiropractic or functional medicine doctors or a medical acupuncturist, a nutritionist, therapeutic body workers or even an integrative psychotherapist who can help you make changes in your life.

We accept many PPO/POS insurance plans, and in Sacramento and San Carlos we also accept some HMO plans. We accept Medicare for some services in some areas. Other services are self-pay. Because every plan is different, please call your local clinic location with your insurance information and we'll check your benefit coverage.

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